Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer is Ending

So this summer hasn't been to interesting for the Sanders Family....We went down to Lethbridge once for a wedding...and that's about has had to work alot this summer and with my pregnancy it has made it difficult to go and do anything. Corey and Sterling had fun on a Bow hunting trip, Sterling's first. And they are both excited for rifle season to begin. BUT the fall is soon coming and we are really looking forward to the fall and all it will bring with it! A new baby for our family...I am really happy to say that I only have a few weeks left and I cannot be more excited about that! AND Halloween is coming fast!! My favorite day of the year. Then CHRISTMAS!! Who doesn't love Christmas? I have been working hard on Halloween decor for our house. I am super excited this year for decorating...we are finally in a house that is perfect for decorating the entrance for trick or treaters. I will post some pictures when it is all set up! Well that is about it for now...I will post again soon!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So obviously I am not very good at the blogging thing...I am still trying to figure out how to use this I know I am kinda LAME! But anyways...Alot has happend since my last post like a year ago...We have moved to Grande Prairie, where we are really enjoying life. Although the weather here isn't that great in the winter or summer so far...we are really liking it here...It has been raining for as long as I can remember, which has made summer living quite interesting for Sterling...He hasn't been able to go out to play very much and has a hard time keeping busy. But he really loves playing the Wii, and is actually really good at it! He can beat me every time he convinces me to play with him...Corey works alot and is loving his job here. He is currently running a welding truck for the company he works for..and he really happy with his brand new truck he just got. He since we have moved has gotten his B Pressure ticket and is doing really well working on the pipeline in the oilfield. BUT this means that he is gone alot, making life kinda boring as I dont know very many people here yet! But we are close to some of Corey's family that lives here too! Sterling has turned 4...growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. He had a Ninja Turtle birthday party, and got some ninja turtles action figures from Mommy and Daddy and Nanny and Pappa Derricott. It was the highlight of the party! We made our own pizzas, and the kids got a personal pan pizza box filled with a ninja turtle t-shirt and party favors! they were a big hit! and really cheap to do! Sterling had cupcakes instead of a cake that looked like turtle shells. The only thing missing was Daddy...who was working here in Grande Pairie while Stelring and I were in Lethbridge staying for a month and a half...because of complications in my pregnancy...which is our other big news...which really isn't news anymore, as I am due in a short 10 weeks!!! YEAH! I am really happy to almost be done. And relieved that most of the hard and scary parts are done with. The baby seems to be doing well now and growing very BIG!! We found out that the baby is supposed to be a BOY! 2 am I in for it! lol...A house full of boys and me all by myself! Sterling and Corey tease me alot about this being a MANS house...Which is true but they always know how to make mommy feel important! I am have been keeping myself busy with getting things ready for the new baby...which I dont think I am really ready for...haha..and using my new SEWING MACHINE!! I am really excited about has alot of different stitches and functions that I dont really know quite how to use it...and have to take a class on how to use it properly...but it is a beautiful machine and I love it alot!! I am currently in the middle of making a buggy barn was really fun to do and alot of work. But it has turned out really great! But I guess that is about it for now...I will hopefully post again soon...before next year!! LOL...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catch up from the summer!!

So this summer was not all that exciting for us...we didn't do very much. But work work Corey and Sterling went fishing a few times. Sterling LOVES fishing with Corey. He went on his very first fishing trip where he caught his very fist fish all by himself! It was too little to keep but he was soooo happy! It was one of the only fish caught that day...but well worth it because Sterling was so happy about his little fish.

We went to Thunder in the Valley this summer with some good friends of ours...the Ronald's. Sterling is best friends with their daughter Abi. She says that Sterling is her True and they will be married some day.

I had my 24th bithday...feel kinda old...we had a really fun night at my parents house playing games, and my wonderful Mommy made me a cake that looked like my 5th birthday cake! I loved it. Unfortuneately we didn't get any pictures of that day...

And that is about it for our boring summer!!!

We did however get away in September for a week to Grande Prairie. For a bow hunting trip for Corey. He got a doe with his bow...not really what he went for but was happy none the less. And Sterling and I got to spend some time with my sister Melissa and her kids Nathan and Grady!! They are sooo cute and Sterling missed Nate ALOT! Since they moved up there about a year ago.

Sterling started Pre-School this Fall!! He was really REALLY excited! and is doing very well. He has his first show and tell on Monday and is really excited to show his class his T-Rex...
And now we are gearing up for Halloween!! Mine and Sterling's FAVORITE time of year!!! Last year Sterling was a skunk and I was a Bee...This year we are dressing as HAIRY SPIDERS!!!! However we are kinda sad since Corey will be away from us on this great day of fun....He has moved up to Grande Prairie to start work and find us a place to live. And that is our latest news...We are trying to move up North. And are sad to be aprart from Corey  for a little while.