Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer is Ending

So this summer hasn't been to interesting for the Sanders Family....We went down to Lethbridge once for a wedding...and that's about has had to work alot this summer and with my pregnancy it has made it difficult to go and do anything. Corey and Sterling had fun on a Bow hunting trip, Sterling's first. And they are both excited for rifle season to begin. BUT the fall is soon coming and we are really looking forward to the fall and all it will bring with it! A new baby for our family...I am really happy to say that I only have a few weeks left and I cannot be more excited about that! AND Halloween is coming fast!! My favorite day of the year. Then CHRISTMAS!! Who doesn't love Christmas? I have been working hard on Halloween decor for our house. I am super excited this year for decorating...we are finally in a house that is perfect for decorating the entrance for trick or treaters. I will post some pictures when it is all set up! Well that is about it for now...I will post again soon!!

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